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Marks never say die attitude leads him to constantly strive for more from himself. As a fighter he realised that a sporting career would be a short one and that he had to have a contingency plan. While training 2-3 times a day and working evenings to supplement this, he studied at University to attain BA Hons Degree in Business Studies. All of the young kids that he teaches Mark tries to advocate the importance of studying to them so that they have a plan B.

Having a great ability to adapt quickly, Mark has recently finished his first role in the Feature film Dead Mans Cards, and is currently pursuing a career in acting. Applying the same disciplined and determined attitude that he has shown to kick boxing, Mark takes inspiration from the likes of Denzel Washington and shows great promise to once again achieve everything he sets his sight on in this exciting new venture.

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FHM Magazine,
Loaded Magazine,
Fighters Magazine,
Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine.